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An Alternative To All Over Carpeting In The Home

For several years there has been some resistance to wall-to-wall carpeting in the home because it gets dirty and is often difficult to clean. Spot remover doesn’t always do the trick. Carpeting can also be limited in design and expensive to install. But an excellent alternative to wall-to-wall carpet are carpet tiles.

These are square units of tile that are available in a multitude of designs and colors. They can be installed in a wide variety of ways both wall-to-wall and as area rugs. The tiles can be combined to create unique designs in almost any configuration. Carpet tiles come in a variety of sizes, thicknesses and materials depending on the application. The best part about these tiles is that they can be replaced if they become damaged or stained. Waterproof tiles are also available and are particularly practical for basements. The tiles can also be installed over any surface from concrete to vinyl.

“We are so inspired by our customers who use FLOR styles to create unique area rug and wall-to-wall looks in their homes that are personal, comfortable, and represent how they want to live.” says James Pope, Director of Marketing and Sales for FLOR.

Carpet tiles have been used for many years in commercial spaces but are becoming increasingly popular in the residential market. Homeowners are seeking the flexibility and other advantages that come with these tiles.

Another major advantage is the simplicity of installation. Since they can be laid by the homeowner, they save installation as well as the cost of delivery. Sample tiles can be ordered to check the look and color with the existing decor before being ordered. Various options can be tried out before the making a final decision on tiles. According to Jeff Curran, CEO and Founder of Curran & Sisal Carpet, ““Our sisal tiles are a quick, versatile and easy-to-install option to help you achieve the look of natural fiber in any space. They are a great choice for active residential or commercial environments where spills and stains are likely, as each tile is easily replaceable. Because tiles are modular, you can get creative with your design by using different color hues or installing tiles in a clever pattern.”

The cost for carpet tiles is generally less than for typical carpeting. The underlay is attached to the tiles so there is a savings in padding. There is also less wasted carpet with tiles since they come in a variety of sizes to fit just what is needed. If the homeowners move, they can take the carpet tiles with them and use as is or repurpose them for a different room. Often they will order additional tiles to add to those they already own to give the tiles a whole different look.

Many homeowners today appreciate the opportunity to be do-it-yourselfers and manage their own jobs in the home. Particularly in the recent year, people are home more and have the time to work on their homes. During the pandemic, homeowners have also tried to limit the amount of workmen coming into their homes. Installing one’s own carpet is a plus plus especially during these times.

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